Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New items!

Finally new items being added!  After moving into a new house, remodeling projects, surgery and taking care of kids I have found some time to add some new items to my store.

I’ve been dreaming up ideas for these cute little skirts for months and months.  I made this one today and I love how it turned out.  I have more on the way with different fabrics and different styles. 

This one is size 3 and sells for $28.50.  Right now when you purchase a skirt you get a matching bow for FREE!

Thanks for looking!  Happy shopping!


1 comment:

Michelle said...

Can you make it in a size 5/6? (she may like other colors too, but she loves the black/white/hot pink/green) I love that you are throwing in the bow free! :)

Teeny Tiny Flower Blossom Bows 2 inches $2.00 each

Flower Blossom Bows 2 1/2 inches $3.00 each

Double Loop Clippies $1.00 each