Tuesday, December 15, 2009


One of my passions is to make jewelry.. I love doing it.  It just makes me happy.  I started making these fun interchangeable watch bands a few months ago for myself and just recently decided that I would start selling them.  If you are interested in these please e-mail me at madibubows@live.com or leave a comment here.  I will add more photo’s soon if there is much interest.  Thanks so much for looking!IMG_8799 IMG_8794


Anonymous said...
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Oh my goodness Heather...these are so CUTE!!!

Barnes Family said...

Thanks Summer! You are too sweet!!

AnGeL said...

those r way cute i like them how much?

Teeny Tiny Flower Blossom Bows 2 inches $2.00 each

Flower Blossom Bows 2 1/2 inches $3.00 each

Double Loop Clippies $1.00 each