Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hair ideas

Check out these cute hair styles that have been topped off with my bows.
#15 stacked loopy bow 2 1/2 inches and pink and white polka dot 4 inch bow and sheer purple stacked 4 inch bow.
These ladies have so much talent. They really come up with the cutest darn hair ideas I've ever seen.
Thanks so much for showing how the bows look with one of your adorable hair styles.


Ann Reynolds said...

Hi cousin! I now have a blog. Check it out.

The Mom said...

Sorry I'm so slow to get back over here. Cool that you posted the hairdo w/your fabulous bow in it! Thanks again.

The Mom said...

Oh - and by the way - I've nominated you for an award - so come on over & check it out!

Teeny Tiny Flower Blossom Bows 2 inches $2.00 each

Flower Blossom Bows 2 1/2 inches $3.00 each

Double Loop Clippies $1.00 each